Playing with Fire

The Highest Highs and Lowest Lows of Theo Fleury

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“It’s hard to believe Fleury survived his own life.”
— The Globe and Mail

Theo Fleury, who had walked away from hockey in 2003, leaving millions of dollars on the table and thousands of fans asking why, was determined to redeem himself. But how? With a comeback. Six years after his last NHL game, at age 41, weighing 215 pounds and with 25 per cent body fat, he had only seven months to get ready for the Calgary Flames training camp. His chance for redemption came in a pre-season game against the New York Islanders. The score was 4–4 going into a shootout when his coach leaned over and told him, “You’re up next.”

In this fully up-to-date edition of Playing with Fire, Fleury gives readers the inside story on how his life has changed since this book was first published. Along with the original, fearlessly honest tale that captivated the nation, he now chronicles his NHL comeback. In the same frank, fast-paced style that made his book a blockbuster, Fleury shares fascinating new stories about life as a 41-year-old rookie, as an author on the road, and as a man in the spotlight following the disturbing news that his former coach Graham James had been pardoned for his horrific crimes. Playing with Fire is Theo Fleury’s journey to hell and back, a book no one can put down or will ever forget.

Finalist for the 2010 CBA Libris Award for Non-fiction Book of the Year

Hockey Book of the Year (Denver Post)

Sports & Outdoors
October 19
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Customer Reviews

onedollarbill ,

Playing with Fire

A good and entertaining read. At times the sadness and pain ooze from the pages. Mr. Fleury proves to be as adept at inspiring others as he is at playing hockey.

Andrea Keegan ,

WAY better than I expected!

From the perspective of someone who enjoys watching hockey but not to the extent of most, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I felt like I was right there with Theo throughout all of the ups and downs! It tended to get a little scattered - jumping off subject to something else but in the end, I commend Theo for sharing his personal triumphs and failures with me. I will say, when I moved to Alberta in 1989, I watched the Flames lose to the Canadiens (and lost a bet) and from that game on, Fleury was my favorite.. Half tucked in jersey, quickest little bugger I've ever seen on skates... A joy to watch! Thanks, Theo! 5 stars!! Andrea K in Calgary

Drakonian ,

Good read, unlikeable guy

It was pretty interesting to read the behind the scenes story of Fleury's life. I never knew the extent of his personal problems. No holds were barred in the telling of this story.

It's just amazing to hear his persistent bitterness at everything, even when he talks about current events like how crappy the talent is in the NHL is today. Thats the reason I only give it 4 stars. In a lot of ways the book comes across as a huge gripe fest of all the people who have been out to get him, and how great he was/is compared to everyone else. He always feels like he should be treated differently because he was a superstar. All the whining
gets repetitive after a while. Take some personal responsibility Theo. I realize the guy has been through some terrible stuff in his life, but now that's he's sober he should be forgiving some of the people he treated like crap over the years. But mostly he just still seems angry.

It can be a little disappointing to see that one of your childhood heros is really not the most likable guy.

I hope you can stay sober Theo and keep working on mending all the relationships you've broken. Thanks for telling your story.

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