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<p>Pleasure Encounters is the first short story collection by erotica author Danika Falls. Featuring eleven sensual short stories of erotic temptation, romance and desire, you will be aroused by every spicy detail. The collection includes six M/F pairings, three multiple partners, and two lesbian stories all featuring couple's erotica, lesbian, paranormal erotica, and menage themes. This rich collection features otherworldly lovers, office conquests, and friends who become lovers.

An Off Hour
Gemma, the new girl in the office, and her boss, Todd, have an unexpected rendezvous in the office elevator. Or was it so unexpected? It seems Gemma might have been scheming on her hot boss Todd ever since she got hired.

Testing The Waters
Rachel is a lifeguard at her town&rsquo;s aquatic center. She gets a ringside seat to enjoy the best view, that of fellow lifeguard, Jeff.&nbsp; One night after pleasuring herself to the thoughts of him, she decides that it&rsquo;s time to find out if her fantasy is anywhere near reality.

Office Romance
Meagan noticed that there was a new guy in the building. She wasn&rsquo;t sure which department he worked in, but the moment she saw him, she wanted him. One day in the elevator, Meagan knows it is her chance to make her fantasies come true.

Dave enjoys sailing so he thinks nothing of it when his girlfriend Danielle invites her pal Samantha along for a lovely outing. He is a little flustered when the boat runs out of gas. The lovely ladies decide that they can find the perfect way to pass the time.

My Secret Lover
She thought she knew what she was getting herself into. She is no stranger to participating in various psychology experiments. She seduces the student conducting the experiment, but she doesn&rsquo;t know that she coaxed more than one lover away from the study.

The Aliment
Sarah looks just like any other pretty young woman looking for a night of excitement.&nbsp; She has her eye on Bill, a young, eager college student. She knows that he is exactly what she and her silent partner Dave need for the evening.

The Game
Beach volleyball is Michelle&rsquo;s passion.&nbsp; She plays&nbsp; every chance she got. In addition to being very good at it, almost professional level, she also enjoyed the chance to put on her skimpy biking and showing off her tight, tan body.&nbsp; Michelle had taken note of another volleyball player that summer, a girl named Olivia.

The Decision
Tammy has a difficult choice to make. Unfortunately, to do this, she has to go over the details of the worst night of her life. One night after a long night of work, she is seduced by this handsome man turned animal. As she relives the horror, she realizes that it was, in fact, a demon. Even worse, she has been feeling an odd sensation in her womb.

Pleasure Cruise
Steve is trying to get over a bad breakup, so he decides to take a vacation alone. He knows that he has made the right choice when his innocent flirtation with the bartender seems to be paying off. Is everyone on the ship as friendly as she is?
The Encounter
Shirl&rsquo;s always been skeptical of aliens and has done tons of research on UFOs and extraterrestrials. She never suspects that she's about to have a close encounter herself. Will they give Shirl the proof she needs to become a believer?

Perfect Roommates
When Jennifer places an ad for a new roommate, she hardly dares hope that she will find her perfect roommate and the ideal living situation. When her new roommate Ann arrives, she has a flicker of hope. Ann is beautiful and sexy and there seems to be a bit of a spark between the two of them.</p>

Fiction & Literature
April 20

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