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“This scholarly, interdisciplinary, and easy to read new book is beneficial for everyone whose main concerns are international relationships, politics in the Middle East, sociology and theology.”
—Ismail Albayrak, Australian Catholic University, Australia
“Ideological and theological differences vis-à-vis social and political affairs between [the Islamists (AKP) and the Gülen Movement] have never been studied in detail. This book endeavors to fill this gap. It is a welcome contribution to the studies of Turkish politics from an expert on Islamic theology and jurisprudence.”
—Ihsan Yilmaz, Professor, Deakin University, Australia
“This captivating and compelling book is filled with tremendous intellectual vitality. Readers will greatly appreciate the accounts and analysis of the author’s experience that is portrayed against the complex, troubling, and political background of the current times.”
—Hasan Aydin, Associate Professor, Florida Gulf Coast University, USA
This book explores the struggle and differences between the current governmental power, the AKP, and the Gülen movement, the leading civic Islamic movement, in Turkey. It discusses the history of relations between the AKP and the Gülen movement and analyzes the reasons that caused tensions and, eventually, a radical rupture between them. In order to help readers to better understand the difference between Political Islam and civil Islam, the project explains the political theology of each group and compares them to each other. The author explains the human rights violations, restrictions on the media and the destruction of democratic institutions in Erdogan’s New Turkey project. This is an ideal monograph for scholars interested in the Middle East, sociology, and political Islam. 
Recep Dogan is Researcher and Senior Lecturer of Islamic Studies at Wisdom College, Australia.

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October 28
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