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Boisterous Neil and timid Adam, 12-year-old best friends, head off to Camp McAbre for the first time with distinctively different attitudes. 
Neil is excited by the thought of several days outdoors with a hundred other kids while Adam hates everything about camp except for the presence of attractive schoolmate Ally. 
Surprisingly, as the days go by, Adam becomes a super camper while Neil is dogged by bad luck that puts him in conflict with the creepy camp director, Charles Atrom. A bit of late night sleuthing leads Neil into a series of abandoned mine tunnels and glimpses of a ghost who may be responsible for Neil's troubles.

Young Adult
August 1
Bungalo Books
307681 Ontario Limited

Customer Reviews

Brian Thwaits ,

Popchuck’s Ghost

What a fun read! Paul Toffanello has written a great book for both young and old alike. The characters are well defined, the mystery is compelling, and the story clips along at an excellent pace. I’m really looking forward to finding out what these kids will get up to as the rest of the series unfolds.

3foldbeliever ,

Popchuck's Ghost

Popchuck's Ghost is a delightfully, entertaining story. It's full of mystery and intrigue. The only way to explain the book is well, to just read it. It won't scare you too much! BOO!
I also love the similarities to the real people and places used in the book. Can't wait for the next book!
It makes a great read together book for younger readers and their parents.

56972145 ,

Excellent Read

I really enjoyed Popchuck's ghost and would highly recommend it to anyone. I look forward to the next book!