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INTRODUCTION This paper reviews some proper studies concerning the effective role of energy, in particular, the Persian Gulf's oil and gas in the global objectives of the United States in order to attain the highest position in the Post-Cold War geopolitical world order. Many studies confirm that the US military presence in the Persian Gulf region is due to energy and security of energy flows to industrial countries and controlling the oil flow to the western and Asia- pacific countries. On the other hand, it is clear that the United States as the only superpower remained from the Cold war era is looking for maximizing its hegemon within the international system. There is another important point that with the collapse of the Soviet Union, the old geopolitical world order as a cold war era also was finished and consequently, almost all relations among the states also was changed and the world entered to a new period as a geopolitical transition period (Taylor, 1992). It means that the world needs the new definition for interstates relations as well as the position of every country, particularly major countries, in the new world order. The activities of these countries on the one hand, and the role of various factors on the other hand, indeed, will be able to define the kind and circumstances of new era. In this respect, it is important answering this question that, hat is the role of energy resources in formation of the relations among great powerful countries in the new era? It is important also to specify those studies that refer directly to the role and impact of energy resources in the formation of new geopolitical world order, with stress over the position of the United States as the most powerful country in this era. Therefore, this paper reviews those geopolitical studies which have been done about above mentioned elements and also to specify the existing gap by using the study by study model(Creswell, 2008).

March 31
Canadian Academy of Oriental and Occidental Culture
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