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Power Up: Master Your Blood Sugar

More than 120 million North Americans have diabetes or prediabetes (high blood sugar), and about 2 million new cases are diagnosed each year in the US. Of these, ninety percent are type 2 diabetes, the most common form of this deadly disease that prevents the body from using the insulin it produces. This life-changing eBook is the definitive holistic guide to achieving optimum blood sugar balance.

The impact of her father’s battle with diabetes led Darlene Higbee Clarkin through her own transformation. She founded WholeLife Holistic Nutrition Inc., in 2012, and her compelling vision to make a difference in the lives of diabetics brought her together with co author Orsha Magyar. Their collaboration has produced Power Up: Master Your Blood Sugar, a remarkable eBook.

Each of us has the ability to achieve peak energy, maintain maximum productivity, and stabilize our moods. In Power Up: Master Your Blood Sugar, you’ll discover the tools and knowledge you need to establish healthy blood sugar levels and maintain optimum daily balance in your life.

The nutritious recipes in this landmark eBook’s full meal plan lead you to a new world of robust health through these simple, effective lifestyle changes. You’ll learn about:

• Top blood sugar-friendly foods and supplements
• What foods to eat
• What foods to avoid
• How to manage blood sugar in your day-to-day activities.

A must-read, Power Up: Master Your Blood Sugar could save your life—or the life of someone you love.

This eBook is based on the WholeLife Holistic Nutrition Blood Sugar app, was awarded “My Favourite Find” at The Best of Canada 2012 Natural Health Awards. The app’s content has been enhanced for eBook publication.

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February 17
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