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MaxSold has managed thousands of online Estate Sale and Downsizing auctions across North America, and we are delighted to share what we have learned.

This book isn’t meant to be an authority on art, as even with decades of study and specialization art is a difficult subject to master. However, by reviewing the details in this book, you’ll have a solid foundation in what to look for when it comes to art found in a typical estate or downsizing sale.

First, you’ll get an appreciation of the critical physical attributes to consider when it comes to art. There’s a dead simple way to get an idea if the art piece is a print or painting – using a tool called loupe. 

Second, you’ll learn physical attributes to consider such as what it is painted on, medium used and condition of the frame. Third, you will learn that dates, signatures, monograms and gallery marks are important, and get a listing of online tools to access to research the piece.

When describing and taking photos of art, you will learn what’s important to cover in the description, and aspects of the piece that will need to be photographed. Lastly, you will learn five critical mistakes people make when describing art.

Arts & Entertainment
November 10
MaxSold Inc.

Customer Reviews

kanysh ,

Great Resource!!

This ebook is great for anyone interested in appraising art. It has clear colour photographs to indicate what is being discussed. The text is easy to read and understand. They helped me be able to differentiate different types of mediums that may at first appear similar such as acrylics and oils. They even include information about the frames around the artwork (determinig if it is original or has been reframed). Expert advice and they even include further resources at the end of the book.

Highly recommened for anyone interestd in buying or selling art.

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