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Are you overcomplicating, doubting or rethinking decisions on a regular basis?

Do you have trouble making the right decision at work or at home?

Do you want to become more efficient so you can enjoy the fun things in life?

Then keep reading...

What is the difference between the successful billionaires and you? There are a lot of people with a higher IQ than billionaires like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. Most of those people still belong to the middle class. So, what´s the most important difference?

It all comes down to your way of thinking and your decision making. Those billionaires use different thought models and routines then the average Joe. This explains the biggest part of their success. By adopting these models you can give, your career, your income and the quality of your personal life, a big boost.

In ´Practical Thought Models for Men´ you´ll discover:
Use the ´Procrastination-Crusher´ to save a lot of energy and reach your goals faster (page 64)Use these 3, easy to apply, thoughts models combined to catapult your productivity (page 30)6 principles regarding productivity form Thomas Watson Sr., CEO of IBM between 1914 and 1956. These principles are more applicable today more than ever before (page 101)How to use this popular sales-technique if you need someone to make a decision in your favor (page 53)Use 'Logic-over-emotions-model´ to make decisions on sound logic instead of emotions (page 39)Discover the way billionaire and investor Ray Dalio, updated his thinking patterns after a few failures in the beginning of his career, and which helped him to become this successful (page 74)The ´Instant-Self-Motivator´ to improve your motivation and output at your job in only a few seconds (page 56)How to outperform colleagues and friends by unconventional thinking (page 79)The system used by Charlie Munger, the right-hand man of billionaire Warren Buffet, to look at the long-term effects of his decisions (page33)7 activities most men do daily, but which sabotage your productivity (page 94)How Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and one of the richest men in the world, categorizes his decisions. Use this technique to make your decisions easier and faster (page 80)Implement this approach, used by one of the biggest Internet companies in the world, to avoid unnecessary work (page 107)Use this popular system design method, to get better results in all aspects of your life (page (117)An easy and productive thought pattern used by billionaire Charlie Munger, which helped him reach his success (page 88)How to positively influence the behavior of your team for higher productivity (page 114)Learn how to formulate your requests in a way people will listen to you (page 148)The Elon Musk approach of solving problems and how to apply this in your own life so you´ll get Elon Musk like abilities (page 73)
Even if you failed math in high school, the models used by the billionaires of the world are genius, because of their simplicity. So, you don´t need to have a background in math or psychology. The day to day examples and models are designed to get you the life-changing results you´re looking for.

So, if you´re ready to debug and upgrade your thought models, scroll-up and click ´add to cart´.

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October 2
John Adams
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