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Neither Ku Klux Klansmen, kinsmen, nor demons could keep Carson Buffet from the truth. At the moment he asked "Who is Irwin Craig" he provoked the wrath of his mother and she blocked every path to an answer to this question. The rural town of Stonewell held horrible secrets and they were all connected to Carson in one way or another.
Hollywood movie makers threw "Pinky" in the nest of the The Tennessee Ku Klux Klan on the last Saturday night of 1949. The Klan covered Stonewell like Jack Frost in a sea of white and rekindled memories of the night the Klan hung a school teacher and seven black students in 1868 after the Civil war.
To be sure, the Klan still "kept black folks in their place" and let them know the South belonged to whites. Carson walked out the Appison theatre that last Saturday night of 1949 just weeks away from his twelfth birthday into this swarm of angry Klansmen and they would be on his heels soon.
Puppy love bit him on the school bus when he met Elaine Craig. Their flame extinguished by both families when they found out. Elaine, the niece of Irwin Craig, a name Carson never heard did something to Carson's mother and her family that ruined them financially. After Hattie, his mother, lost her luxurious life and she hated the Craigs.
Carson refused to let love die and started his own investigation to save his romance with the pretty Elaine. His quest to find out "Who is Irwin Craig" uncovered adulterous affairs, murder and deceit involving both families. When his mother made a deal with the devil the hounds of hell started nipping his heels and Death lurked behind every tree.
Carson's faith in the human race faltered and he asked his sister Marlene to help him answer questions about Craig. She was some help, but he got the truth and nothing but the truth from his Uncle Buck Bradford. However, this truth spoiled when his uncle's wife committed him to an insane asylum the next day.
Carson's tainted truth from his uncle only excited him to kept digging. His search for Irwin Craig dug up dirt on his family and Elaine's family. The devil aimed to shut down his search and kill Carson.
Thus he fought a huge canebrake rattlesnake he grabbled with in a black pool while Death watched from behind a tree. When Carson survived the snake, the devil unleashed a huge electrical storm to take him out, but his guardian angel intervened.
No matter how hard the devil tried, Carson's guardian angel protected him. Then, the sins of his mother and her lover escalated into murder and a high profile lawyer named Nelson Rose arrived in Stonewell to defend an accused murderer, a black man.
Nelson Rose arrived with a hidden agenda. Revenge. Rose's kin from generations before were connected infamously to Stonewell. This was why he defended the black man for shooting the Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragon. The arrival of Rose would answered questions Carson was not prepared to hear.
Although Carson's investigation led to romantic and financial success, it also uncovered the truth about his real father, a name that best be kept secret. The facts collected by Rose and contributed by Carson consummated a shot out with the Klan and left many of his adversaries dead. Would Carson's valiant effort to save his romance with Elaine be successful? O would he find love some where else? Read the book.

January 31