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When I became a principal, my teachers gifted me with a book written by Philip Keller, who wrote a book about taking care of his own flock of sheep. Treating sheep with kindness and always watching for their safety is not unlike being a parent, teacher, or school principal doing the same activities for children or students in their care. Respected teachers’ voices are remembered and loved long after students graduate and have their own families. Psalm 23 in the Classroom shares moments of kindness and difficulties that arise when working with students, teachers, and parents. A shepherd and a teacher must have similar management skills for success to be achieved. The last part of Psalm 23 in the Classroom contains eight biology lessons that were fun to teach because students were highly interested in the lessons. The lesson comparing evolution to creation lasted for three days. One day was spent on evolution theories, one day on the biblical creation, and one day on scientific information mentioned in scripture hundreds and even thousands of years before modern science confirmed what the Bible already explained. The last lessons were about mankind’s reproductive systems. These lessons were taught for sixteen years without a problem from parents, administrators, or the Six O’clock News. When I became an elementary principal, these same lessons were taught to grade 6 students without problems. My favorite saying to students was, “Were the different components of male and female reproduction systems an accident of nature or were they planned to complement each other?”

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