Public Sex Erotica: 10 Steamy Public Sex Story Shorts (Erotica Anthologies - Volume 4‪)‬

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Public Sex Erotica: 10 Steamy Public Sex Story Shorts (Erotica Anthologies - Volume 4) In this public sex erotic book, the thrill of having sex in a public setting, combines exhibitionism and voyeurism into 10 steamy public sex stories that are sure to titillate one's kinky imagination.

Story 1 - Risque Cinema
Story 2 - Roadside Assistance
Story 3 - Late Night Trash Run
Story 4 - Room Service
Story 5 - Cab Ride
Story 6 - Dressing Room
Story 7 - Pool Side
Story 8 - Lunch Hour
Story 9 - Parking Garage
Story 10 - Coat Check

(book excerpt #1)

Elena closed the sliding patio door and took a long gulp of her iced tea before setting the glass down on one of the three patio picnic tables. She walked over to the deep end of the pool and dropped her towel down onto the pool deck as she dipped a foot into the water. The water was probably close to body temperature and its surface rippled gently against the breezes that were coming down from the surrounding mountains. Elena kicked off her sandals as she looked up towards their neighbor’s house, and immediately noticed the blinds moving in one of their upper bedroom windows.

Elena and Robert’s neighbors were a slightly older couple. In their forties, the wife worked as a nurse in town and the husband worked from home doing some consulting work for a major company. Elena had often caught the husband peeking out of their windows at her when she was either taking a swim in the pool or laying out sunbathing. Being a bit of an exhibitionist, Elena didn’t mind, and would often either go topless when she swam or sunbathed, or go completely nude. She often envisioned their neighbor masturbating while he peered down at her through the blinds, and she admittedly positioned herself and strutted her nakedness deliberately as her way of toying and “playing” with him. Feeling a bit of an instigator today, Elena decided to push the envelope of exhibitionism even further.

Elena untied her bikini top and tossed it next to her towel on the pool deck before then sliding off her bikini bottom as well. Standing naked on the edge of the pool, Elena noticed the neighbor’s blinds move again before opening just a bit wider. She then took her hair out of the ponytail that she had it in and ran her fingers through her long dark blonde hair, as if posing for a photographer who was taking her picture for Playboy. Elena then dove into the deep end of the pool and swam under water the full length of the pool before surfacing on the other end. Coming up out of the water, Elena swept her hair back over her head and took a deep breath of air as she bobbed in the shallow end of the pool. It was all she could do to keep from smiling as she imagined all the carnal things her neighbor was doing behind his blinds next door. Was his hand rubbing against the crotch of his pants as he viewed Elena’s naked body? Or, were his pants already down around his ankles pleasuring himself as he watched the show next door?

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October 27
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