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‘Pulling Out Too Late 5' is a three story bundle of erotica, guaranteed to get you hot & horny. If you like your men to be *ahem* a little bit bigger than average (read gigantic!), and you don't like them pulling out, then this is the box set for you!


Alex Has A Huge Secret
Way Too Big To Pull Out
Way Too Big To Pull Out Again

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Alex Has A Huge Secret

Jessica has strong feelings for a MAN OF THE HOUSE Alex, but doesn't know whether he feels the same way. Ever since their holiday in Crete, when she accidentally saw him getting dressed, and caught a glimpse of his 'huge secret', she's been desperate to get her eyes, and hopefully her hands, on it again. When she can't hold her own 'huge secret' in any longer, and decides to tell him how she feels, she hopes that the feelings she's been having for him are feelings he's been struggling with too. Whatever happens, Jessica is sure that tonight will be a wild evening of big surprises and first time encounters!

Way Too Big To Pull Out

Jessica Winters is desperate to become a Hollywood actress, but needs to pass her creative writing course if she has any chance of graduating. Her professor is happy to help her, but he will need Jessica to do something for him in return. How far will the sexy eighteen year old go to secure her future, will the professor's 'big secret' put her off, and what will the wannabe actress say when the well hung professor has a final filthy request to fill her up?

Way Too Big To Pull Out Again

A sexually inexperienced eighteen year old gets the evening she’s always wanted, when she looks after the house of a well known erotic author with a fetish for hard unprotected sex. Will Sash bow to his every demand, or will the confident but inexperienced girl get to take control, and fulfil her own dirty desires?

Fiction & Literature
December 14
Tabitha Cole
Draft2Digital, LLC

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