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Punjabi Recipes

by Nita Mehta

Popular Punjabi culture has given the world the lively Bhangra folk dance with its rhythmic and infectious music hitting International Chart busters. The Punjabi way is to live life to the full and enjoy every minute of it – reflected in their zest for good food. Punjab, ‘the land of the five rivers’, is the land of plenty. There is an abundance of food grains and vegetables, making the people strong, robust and healthy, with a desire to work hard and play hard. Punjabi cuisine uses wholesome fresh products, exciting combinations of spices, and earthy, satisfying flavours.

In this book you will find easy-to-make vegetarian recipes for some famous dishes like Makki di Roti te Sarson da Saag, and Dal Makhani. Learn to make typical drinks such as the richly satisfying Lassi Malai Mar Ke and the light but appetising Poodina Jeera Paani or Punjabi Kanji. Round off a meal with desserts such as Mithae Jauley or Jalebi te Rabri. Bring the bubbling Punjabi spirit right to your table and into your life!

List of Receipes

01. Drinks & Snacks

02. Curries

03. Dry & Masala Dishes

04. Roti & Rice

05. Achaar & Chutney

06. Mitha ( Sweet )

About the Author :- 

Nita Mehta is a home science graduate from Lady Irwin College, Delhi University and a Gold Medalist in M.Sc. (Food & Nutrition). She has authored more than 300 books on various topics including more than 250 best selling cookery books. Her book "Flavours of INDIAN COOKING" won the Best Asian Cookbook Award at the Versailles (Paris) World Cookbook Fair. Three of her other books have also won international awards

* Zero Oil Cookbook, awarded as Best Health and Nutrition Cookbook

* Chocolate Cookbook, awarded as Best Chocolate Cookbook

* Cooking for Growing Children, awarded as Best Cookbook for Children & Family

In a span of a few years, over 3.5 million Nita Mehta cookbooks have been sold. The secret of her success is her thorough & meticulous approach towards her books.

Nita Mehta has done cooking programmes for various TV channels and has conducted cooking classes in USA, UK, Canada and several other countries.

She also has several cooking institutes under the name of "Nita Mehta Culinary Academy" in New Delhi (India), where she has trained several thousand aspiring individuals into expert cooks. In addition, she creates recipes for food-related companies around the world.

“The books are written in a simple language with lots of illustrations to make understanding easier and make the experience enjoyable,” says Anurag Mehta CEO of Nita Mehta Publication. Till now, Nita Mehta Publications, has published over 60 titles in Children books, ranging from Mythological ones like Tell me about Hindu Gods and Goddesses, Tales of Shiva, Tales of Vishnu, Tell me about Hinduism, Classic Tales of India, to Historical ones like Glorious History of India, Festivals of India and even adventure tales.

“My call has always been to make it easy for a mother, whether it is cooking or teaching her child. This laid the foundation for Nita Mehta Publications,” says Nita Mehta.

International Award Winner

Cooking her way through!

The book ‘Flavours of Indian Cooking’ published by SNAB Publishers won the best book on Asian Cooking Award at the Versailles (Paris) World Cookbook Fair.

The book also won the award for excellence in book publishing by FIP (Federation of Indian Publishers).

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