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Puppy Development Guide - Puppy 101 for Dog Lovers: The Secrets to Puppy Training without Force, Fear, and Fuss!
280 pages in the book (based on print edition), plus 1,360 pages linked through to the largest dog authority site on the internet. This book is an information powerhouse at your fingertips like no other. Nothing is left out.
The Puppy Development Guide does not show you how to teach your dog to sit - for such basics you can look in your local newspaper. This book is a detailed Puppy 101 that guides you through all stages of puppy development and of a rescue dog alike. Whether rescue dog or puppy, they both present much the same problems - because your family situation and your environment are new to them. This could mean your new dog is excited or - scared!
Assume you know that you want a dog and which dog you want. Then everything else this Puppy 101 explains: well-structured and concise! From tips where to get your dog, how to puppy-proof your house, what items you need for your new dog, what is the right puppy food and when and how often to feed your pup, which vaccinations you need and how often and which you don't need, how a puppy develops during the first year and how you can shape this development, the right age and the right time for puppy training, how you become the accepted Pack leader and why this is essential, how to deal with excessive Attention Seeking and when you have no time, when, where, how long and how to crate your new dog, how to conduct the feeding for maximum training benefit, which reward types exist and when you should choose which reward and why, how to socialize your new dog, what and how to play with your puppy for maximum training benefit, complete leash training, crate training, housebreaking, bite inhibition training, and behavior training, how to correct your dog's behavior the right way without force, fear, and fuss, how to deal with the common puppy problems: chewing, scratching, whining, barking, nipping, mouthing, biting, jumping, digging, puppy aggression, etc etc. Plus: This book also comprises the Prime Secret about dogs that the author discovered and no other author has yet written about!
The Puppy Development Guide is void of bla-bla. There is nothing about how great the author is and in which TV shows you can see him or any such stuff. The Puppy Development Guide is pure content and funny and easy to read. Whether you are a five-year old and this is your first dog, or whether you are a pensioner and this is your tenth dog.
If you don't know this author, you missed out on the forefront of dog insight. Then most in this book will be new to you. If you know this author, well then you know you must get your hands on this book. And if you've got a prior edition 1 to 9, by all means get this edition 10 for free. This Puppy 101 is the summit of puppy insight. It won't get any better for you. But without this, your new dog will get worse.
Start today to develop your pup to become the dog you always wanted!

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February 3
Tim Carter
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