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Publisher Description

Where This Roadmap Came From

I was 31 when I woke up. I remember it vividly. I looked in the mirror like I had been asleep in the car and someone else had driven us into a ditch. I did not like where things were going physically or financially, or career-wise and I felt like there was something really important that I was completely clueless about. I wanted to take the journey that so many others had taken – the journey of self-development and self-understanding towards a more fulfilling life. This journey has taken more than a decade of walking through some of the worst and best times in my life. What I wish I had back then, was a roadmap. I wish I had something to guide me on what to do first, and what to do next, and the next step after that, etc. If I had been handed a roadmap to self-development back then, I might have gotten to this point a LOT sooner and with a lot less pain. Perhaps twelve years could have been more like one or two and many mistakes and wasted effort could have been avoided. If I had a roadmap, I might have been able to get quickly to my purpose, and a life of peace and joy. So this roadmap is for you. May it guide you on your journey and speed you to where you want to be, wherever that is.

This roadmap is the result of aggregating the research and writings of more than fifty scholars, researchers, authors, speakers, and thought leaders over that twelve year period. It stands on the shoulders of giants to distill their findings and influence into a single coherent roadmap that accelerates your self-understanding. It is a process and a practice for keeping you in the beautiful states of your choosing through complete connection to yourself and every aspect of your life.

How To Use This Book

This book is a roadmap for self-understanding through complete connection. It guides you through eleven stages, each with tasks, recommended resources and questions to spark your thinking. Work through each task starting from Stage One. When you complete the roadmap, you can read parts of it again and repeat exercises to help keep you in the stages you want experience most.

About The Author

Dr. Amy “Kathryn Colleen” Messegee is an American-born author, composer and artist better known for her foundational work: Purna Asatti, a process and practice that uses connection to self, others and every aspect of your life for managing challenges and accelerating self development.

Her summer job at 16 was doing scientific research at NASA. Before her 25th birthday she earned her Ph.D in Mathematics and was speaking to conferences on human reasoning and how to make the infinite finite.

She has published 8 books, hundreds of articles and papers, dozens of unique art pieces and released 5 albums.

She is known for taking only four students each year but influences and leads thousands around the world in more than 70 countries through speaking, writing, music, art and podcasts. She is a Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher and is travel-proficient in nine languages which she is learning simultaneously so she can live out her dream of traveling the world, speaking at pop up events and aggregating insight on life, the universe and being human.

Praise For Purna Asatti

You have changed my life. I’m at peace. My life is so amazing. - Thomas (Engineer and Quantum Theorist)

Truly a visually beautiful piece of work. It is compelling and makes me excited to read on! I found so much of the content relevant and specific enough to be helpful, not to mention insightful. - Denise (Tutor and Entrepreneur)

We are on the exact same frequency. Some phrases here have come out of my mouth almost word for word over the last year or so. Very well written, engaging, visually appealing. - Shaana (Psychologist and Behavior Analyst)

Masterfully written. Thank you for the privilege. I think the book will have a broad appeal and will help many (it’s already helping me). - Wyatt (Professor)

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April 25
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