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Johnny Winger has just lost his mother in a terrible accident. His father was gravely injured. Watching the hospital techs work with medbots inside his Dad to repair the injuries, Winger is intrigued. A sympathetic tech lets him try it out. He seems to be a natural at operating nanoscale bots. The tech mentions a new UN agency called Quantum Corps. They develop tactics and fight enemies in this new realm.
Johnny is intrigued enough to apply.
At Quantum Corps’ main base at Table Top Mountain, Idaho, Johnny learns that to be accepted, he has to pass a qualifying test. He’s in competition with other applicants too, one of whom is a saboteur working for the criminal cartel Red Hammer, sworn to smash the Corps so they can pursue their criminal enterprises free of interference.
The test is tough but Johnny does well, until the saboteur unleashes an uncontrolled bot that expands out of control and threatens to engulf and destroy Table Top. Using his newly discovered talents, Johnny is able to work with troopers to contain the menace, identify the saboteur and save Table Top.
The base commander is so impressed with Johnny’s natural talents that he’s offered a medal and a commission in the Corps, if he wants it. Johnny accepts and finds himself headed into Basic Training (nog school) the very next morning…and into a new world of incredible adventures that he can scarcely imagine…adventures around the globe, across the Solar System and inside the world of atoms and molecules.
First episode in the Quantum Troopers serial.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 14
Philip Bosshardt
Smashwords, Inc.

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