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Episode 6, Quantum Troopers. Johnny Winger, rescued from the Engebbe dig site, has come under suspicion by UNIFORCE Security of being a double agent. It’s a setup orchestrated by UNSAC, but Winger can’t convince anybody of that. He has to undergo memory trace and ANAD penetration. He passes the test but several troopers in the unit don’t…they’re angels and have to be removed. Winger is depressed by this and wants Major Kraft to authorize a special op to find out where the missing troopers are. Kraft is willing, but needs authorization from UNIFORCE. However, before the op can get underway, a new menace has developed. Red Hammer has used its stolen ANAD technology to create a special angel…a robotic celebrity and messiah named Symborg. He begins to attract millions of followers…a new religion/spiritual discipline called Assimilationism grows rapidly. Even worse, business and political leaders, even sports and entertainment stars all over the world are turning out to be angels. Some kind of mass displacement effort is underway. If it continues, Red Hammer may well wind up running most of the world as their own enterprise…with all the powers and weapons of multiple nation-states at their disposal. Some of the displaced have been disassembled. Others, including most of the Quantum Corps troopers that turned up missing, are incarcerated below ground, below Mount Kipwezi, in Kenya. Kraft approves the special forces mission to locate and rescue them. But the rescue force doesn’t realize there is something stirring in the archaeological dig site at Engebbe, Kenya nearby…ancient ancestors of the race that Red Hammer is in contact with have been released and are moving to prevent the rescue…and continue their global displacement effort….

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
April 29
Philip Bosshardt
Smashwords, Inc.

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