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Episode 7, Quantum Troopers. Johnny Winger barely escapes Symborg at Mt Kipwezi, Kenya, trying to rescue troopers missing from the Corps. The nanotroopers have to retreat and re-group. Kraft recalls the unit back to Table Top. They’ll have to engage Symborg and Red Hammer a different way. Now Red Hammer sets about on a new mission: to disassemble and replace as many key people in politics, business, sports, entertainment, and religion with their own angels as possible. And robotic messiah Symborg promotes this process, gaining more adherents every day. Somehow, Quantum Corps must stop Symborg and block what Red Hammer is doing. Symborg is tracked leaving Kipwezi and winds up in Kolkata, India. 1st Nano tries to follow Symborg but is defeated by a strange quantum device inside a Hindu temple. Meanwhile an unknown installation in Tibet has fired on Quantum Corps drones and satellites also trying to follow Symborg. Winger and 1st Nano are directed to reconnoiter the area, but come under attack and have to retreat. At Table Top, Quantum Corps Labs have developed a new weapon intended to permanently disperse angels and impede them from swarming together. The weapon is called a swarm inhibiter and it seems to work well in tests. A new operation is planned to insert this device inside the Symborg swarm, if Q2 can locate the base swarm and master assembler. But when the op begins, Johnny Winger finds that his embedded ANAD can’t be fully controlled…somehow Symborg or Red Hammer has compromised ANAD. Or maybe the inhibiter has unanticipated effects. One of the troopers turns out to be an angel and turns on the Detachment…and only Winger manages to escape. Watch for Episode 8 to see how Johnny Winger and Quantum Corps counter this latest threat.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 20
Philip Bosshardt
Smashwords, Inc.

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