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As the world becomes ever more connected and accessible it is more important than ever before to have knowledge and understanding of countries outside our own. The location of a country, within the world at large, is surely the foundation upon which to build this knowledge. What you learn about a country somehow becomes more meaningful when you can point to it on a map.

QuAtlas makes learning the locations of the countries of the world quick and easy and painless. By testing yourself on a series of short quizzes you will quickly identify those countries that you know and those that you don’t. Concentrating only upon those countries that you don’t know makes learning the world quick. Numerous Help Pages present useful ways to remember groups of countries, this makes learning the world easy. Furthermore, you are positively encouraged not to spend a lot of time studying each page. Frequently changing the task in this way keeps you interested and makes learning the world painless.

QuAtlas splits the world into 7 regional maps all rendered beautifully and clearly. My Launch Pages and Traffic Light system makes navigating through QuAtlas a joy. Introductory videos quickly and clearly show you how to use this book. Finally, the Resources section provides a series of maps and flags which have been optimised for display on a large screen using your iPad - these would be of particular use to teachers.

Learning the world is useful for everyone, no matter what your age. Whether you’re at school or university, within the world of work or even retired, everyone can benefit from QuAtlas.

QuAtlas is best viewed using an iPad.

Young Adult
December 2
Anthony postill
anthony postill