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Edmonton’s Loud & Queer Cabaret has been blazing trails and shining a light on Queer arts and culture for twenty years. The showcase has debuted more than three hundred pieces of stunning performance and art from both established and emerging talent alike.

From the Loud & Queer Cabaret archives, here are some of the most memorable pieces, from monologues to cabarets to one-act plays. Diversity of the LGBTQ experience is at the heart of this powerful collection. Voices ring out with stories and perspectives that will make you laugh, cry, and glow with Pride. This heartfelt anthology is a testament to great courage, a celebration of art, and the power of authenticity.

Contributions from:

Trevor Anderson • Marc Colbourne • Beau Coleman
T.L. Cowan • Nathan Cuckow • Ruth DyckFehderau
Peter Field • R.W. Gray • Nick Green • Kristy Harcourt
Susan Holbrook • Susan Jeremy • Laurie MacFayden
Chandra Mayor • Darrin M. McCloskey • Berend McKenzie
Gerald Osborn • Rosemary Rowe • Norm Sacuta
Trevor Schmidt • christina starr • Michaela Washburn

Fiction & Literature
August 4
Brindle & Glass
eBOUND Canada

Customer Reviews

@tracybradleyagency ,

Time warp

Reading Gloria’s book transported me back in time, had me laughing and weeping for friends long gone. Poignantly written and captivating.

As a former roommate, in another infamous house, of Iona’s and Lulu’s, this book touched me deeply. Two of my housemothers and big sisters who were a profound influence on me during a tumultuous time. My grief at their loss (and so many others) is as fresh today as when they passed. Love to everyone in this book, you continue to inspire me with your strength and grace. To others who drifted in their own grief of that time, I love you and I’d cherish reconnecting.

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