Quit Bein' Ugly

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There’s a crush, and then there are the type of feelings that Croft Cruisie evokes from a person.

He’s everything that any straight woman would want: tall, handsome, charismatic, muscular, and sweet.

At least, Carmichael thought he was sweet, until he brings another woman to the gym she owns with her brother, on the night that’s to be their first date, and lets her know in a quick and painful, non-verbal way that her feelings are not reciprocated.

Fast forward six months, and she’s still trying to move on from the rejection.

It doesn’t help that the jerk moves in next door to her, and that she has to see him workout shirtless every single day.

How can a woman get over a silly crush when that silly crush won’t so much as give her room to breathe?


Croft doesn’t know what happened.

One day he was supposed to go on a date with the girl that wouldn’t leave his thoughts for even a second, and the next she’s avoiding him like the plague.

No matter how hard he tries—and admittedly, it isn’t all that hard due to the biggest case of his career taking over his life—he can’t get her to tell him what he did wrong. She refuses to give him a second chance.

At least, not until he’s nearly killed in front of the courthouse, that is.

The moment he sees his chance, he pounces. Or, more literally, he limps.

But the limping is what draws Carmichael in. The Southern charm that was instilled in him since birth will be what gets her to stay.

That’s his plan, anyway.

Funny thing about plans… they never seem to work out how you expect them to.

April 20
Lani Lynn Vale
Dixie Wardens Inc.

Customer Reviews

Dmac1059 ,

Awesome read

I just loved this series! But then, I have read quite a few of Lani’s series and not been disappointed. I love the humor and real life scenarios she puts in all her books. And mustn’t forget the hot, male leads lol!

To thine own self be true, ,

Quit Being Ugly

Its a quirky cute story. Sometimes you just want a poolside read thats not too deep...this fits. While it does have some page turning punches the story line is only just okay. I did love Croft. Carmichael is also quite entertaining. All the characters blend nicely but the story of Karen and Alfie is just not convincing. Its a great little read keep in mind the book is short...when you are buying it!

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