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Kamali LeClair’s dance is her prayer—and her rebellion against the human/bot hybrids who run the world. In Paris’s annual showcase for the creative Olympics, she’ll prove she’s the best of what’s left of humanity… and then refuse the ascenders’ prize of immortality. But when a young man has an offer of résistance she didn’t know was possible, she has to decide how far she’s willing to go to defy the rulers who banished her mother.

Résistance  is a standalone short novella that takes place in the world of the Singularity novels.

Start the novel series with The Legacy Human (Singularity 1).

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
October 28
Twisted Space LLC
Twisted Space LLC

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Sandy Sch ,

quick and compelling

RESISTANCE is the seventh short story in Susan Kaye Quinn’s young adult, post apocalyptic, dystopian STORIES OF SINGULARITY sci-fi series- a companion series to the author’s SINGULARITY series. RESISTANCE is a pre-quel short story that focuses on dancer Kamali LeClair.

SOME BACKGROUND: Following the ‘Singularity’ that resulted in most of the world’s population transforming themselves into a hybrid known as the Ascended, the few remaining humans become what is known as the Legacy-the true descendants of humankind. Every year a ‘creative Olympics’ is held, and the winner is offered the opportunity to become one of the ‘ascended’, a human/robot hybrid but a human who sacrifices their very soul.

Told from first person perspective (Kamali LeClair) RESISTANCE follows Kamali LeClair, a dancer of extraordinary talent who refuses to attend the creative Olympics rebuking the possibility of an immortal life. A recent dance competition netted Kamali another first place standing, a standing that catches the eye of the Resistance, a group who live on the periphery of society, defying the ascenders in an effort to maintain their own humanity. Enter Tristan, a member of the Resistance, who makes Kamali an offer she will not refuse.

RESISTANCE reveals a little bit of background history and the events leading up to Kamali’s acceptance and participation in the Creative Olympics (Singularity Series). A quick and compelling short story RESISTANCE focusing on the philosophical idea of everlasting life as the expense of losing one’s autonomy and one’s soul.

iBooks reader ,


Even short, you can’t get better than this. Outstanding fantasy. Love everything by this talented writer. JackieT

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