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People who know Rachel Webster would say she’s a hero. Four years ago, her daughter recounts, her mom literally saved her life—was willing to sacrifice her own in trade. Rachel doesn’t even remember. Things were a little crazy back then.

She’s all better now, she thinks. She’s got everything a young woman could want. She’s got her looks, her health, her lovely family, and her husband Carl, Okeechobee’s automotive kingpin.

But she’s missing something...

When Carl met Rachel it was love at first sight. She was a bad girl with a bad attitude and it excited him. He got the feeling his wife had a wild streak. Hell, Rachel’s sister Jackie all but told him. She’s younger than him, but he liked the challenge to keep up.

Deep in the Everglades, at a place she should never be, Rachel encounters a dangerous man named Truth. It’s a dirty and unexpected encounter, and it going to be one that changes her life.

One minute she’s a pampered princess, living in her palace behind the iron wall of her gated community, the next she’s in gator country, slung over the back of a hot young black man’s motorcycle.

She always liked danger.

Soon, this man named Truth is going to connect the barbed lines of Rachel and Carl’s past, make an electric connection that will excite them all nearly to the point of annihilation.

When Carl is welcomed into her dark world, she could destroy him. But she loves him. He’s straight-laced, got his head screwed on right. He was supposed to save her...

Instead, she’s going to work him over.

She’s going to leave Carl laying in a spreading pool of humiliation at the feet of Rachel’s truth...

Fiction & Literature
April 12
KT Morrison
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