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“…An exhilarating tour through the grand possibilities of our own being and our own becoming, an adventure that spans the entire spectrum of consciousness from body to mind to soul to spirit, honoring science at every turn yet going beyond it when evidence demands yet further depth, pointing unmistakably to the heart and soul of a humanity destined to awaken.”

“The Radiance of Being is a very exciting book, reflecting a very exciting time in the exploration of consciousness and evolution.… The death of deconstructive postmodernism has signaled the rebirth of “big pictures” and “grand visions.” The Radiance of Being is about various leading-edge approaches to these grand visions—visions big enough to include the best of premodern, modern, and postmodern insights into consciousness, evolution, and the nature of the human soul and spirit.”

“I believe that we of today do indeed face an opportunity unique in history: the chance to create maps, models, and practices that embrace the entire sweep of human possibilities. The Radiance of Being is a wonderful guide to the very best of these more integral approaches—approaches that cover not just theory but also practice: not merely ways to think about this vast potential, but ways to actualize it, realize it, live it and breathe it as part of one’s own extraordinary birthright, even here and now.” 

—Ken Wilber (from the Foreword)

“Combs has done the kind of research that God himself would envy. Inclusive, detailed, whimsical and pervasive.”

The Book Reader, Fall/Winter 2002-3

"...awe inspiring.... buy it..." 

What is Enlightenment Feb-April 2004

Winner of Best Book of the Year of the Scientific and Medical Network of the U.K.

Health, Mind & Body
October 2
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