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The aim of this book is to make life more fruitful and enjoyable while leaving the world a better place than before. Its purpose is to identify and model how alterations within human perception can bring about changes for the better in the experience we call ‘reality’. These changes are not only concerned with physical wellbeing but also with the mental and spiritual outlook that can affect an individual’s attitude towards others

Transformations within consciousness can give individuals a clearer understanding of their own existence, as well as assisting them to be more positive in their personal lives. Furthermore, ongoing research within the realms of the mind and consciousness is working towards a greater understanding of how these can affect physical matter. Of equal importance is the quest to discover more evidence concerning the relationship between humans and the universe.

Luckily we have all been blessed with both the gift of choice in life plus an intellect to provide guidance concerning the right direction.

This book is about direction, the path that we all follow through life. For most this path is chosen for us by others, rarely is it of our own choosing, although most believe that it is. Our ‘life path’ is determined by the influence of our parents, peers, social background, teachers and the state. These authority figures have been applying subtle pressures throughout their lives to guide individuals forward towards a goal of their choosing.

Yet supposing the path an individual now travels is the wrong one? This may not just apply to their career or line of work but almost certainly to a person's whole outlook on life. Simply changing ones attitude and outlook can work wonders. It sounds simple, and it is, yet rejecting a deeply imbedded ethos carefully woven into one's psyche over many years can cause extreme mental trauma. This book lessens this impact by the simple expediency of going back to radical basics. The reality that we all enjoy, or otherwise, is constructed entirely in our minds. Our five senses, together with our brain plus our education and upbringing, construct a world that we can make sense of. Added to this is the influence of emotion that has a profound effect on our every action.

If our senses are engines of interpretation that are driven by emotion, then controlling and changing our emotional response will alter our view of reality. If we create our own reality then we must be able to alter it. Reality is therefore flexible.

Twenty three chapters include such headings as:-breaking down barriers, perception and reality, money, escaping the rut, eliminating negativity, professional clearing, sour memory removal, comfort eating and depression, positive thinking, symbolism and decision analysis.

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March 17
John Barringer
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