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Do you know that one of the major challenges facing most teenagers is the issue of low self-esteem? Studies have shown that low self-esteem is linked to poor academic performance and achievements, violence, school drop-out rates, drug addictions, teenage pregnancy and teens' suicide. Another research revealed that most boys and girls said they joined gangs not to feel safer but to feel important. And one out of four girls said they had sex the first time to feel more loved or popular. These findings simply show that teenagers desperately need help to overcome their silent battles with low self-esteem.

Yes, teenagers often put up a facade of self-sufficiency and pretend that they have everything under control, but the truth is that they desperately need your help as a parent. More so, it has been proven empirically that the greatest influence on the life of a teenager comes from the parents. Not the internet, media or movie. However, as a parent, you may not be able to help them in this regard if you lack the requisite knowledge or proven strategies to adopt in solving this problem. Hence, the reason this masterpiece was written for you.

It's a pragmatic template that every parent and teacher needs to raise teens with a high sense of self-esteem, confidence and self-worth. Also, it's a course-correction manual for parents whose teenagers are currently suffering from low self-esteem.

This book is unique in itself because the author practically understands what it means to suffer from low self-esteem because he experienced it himself as a teenager, and he has been working with teenagers for about two decades.The author's conversational approachand the lavish use of anecdotes make the book unique among others with similar subject matter.

This book is not only a must-read for you, but it must be recommended to family members and friends who have kids and teens, and have the mindset to practicalise these proven keys. Enjoy it!

October 7
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