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Michelle, Kelly, and John return in this all new sexcapade.

Returning early from the library Michelle busts Kelly and John fucking on the floor of their apartment, whilst watching a porno!

The awkward situation quickly passes when Kelly demands Michelle be punished for being naughty.

Tied up in her own bedroom, will Michelle reform her ways or is badder actually better?

Contains: Cock sucking, pussy licking, pussy and anal fingering, lesbian action, m/f/f 3 way action, anal sex, dildos, light BDSM, spanking and lots of hard core fucking!

-- Excerpt below for 18+ readers --

“Oh nothing. It’s just that Michelle has left for another all night study session at the library so I thought you could come over early as I have something to show you that I think you would like.” Kelly said with a touch of seduction in her voice.

“I’ll see you in 20 minutes!” John almost yelled into the phone and came close to cutting off the phone call in his hurry to get the hell over to Kelly’s apartment.

Kelly took that time to change into this afternoons outfit. It wasn’t going to be anything too intricate as the plan was to have the ensemble removed as quickly as possible.

With that in mind Kelly chose a sky blue g-string, her shortest jean pants and a tight white top. She left the bra off as she knew John would like the tease of color that her nipples would show through, and of course the inviting bumps that her hard nipples would show.

The jean shorts were also a favourite of John’s as the tops of Kelly’s toned legs were visible in them as were the curve of Kelly’s ass cheeks.

Sure enough, twenty minutes passed and there was a feverish knock at the door. Kelly giggled but in truth she still loved the fact that John still found her hot after going out for over a year.

“Why hello there.” Kelly said as she opened the door and gave John a passionate kiss on the mouth.

“Hello yourself.” said John. “I see you’re not dressed for the library!” he added.

“Come on in.” Kelly invited.

No sooner was the door closed and John has spun Kelly around kissing her roughly and passionately on the mouth. His hand started to run over her body and Kelly reciprocated in kind. John could see Kelly’s nipples were hard and inviting.

“Let me get you out of that top.” he said. “It’s obviously restricting your blood flow.”

“I can feel yours isn’t restricted.” Kelly said rubbing her hand over John’s hardening cock through his pants.

Kelly’s top came off in and instant and John’s hands went to both her breasts, grabbing a handful with each hand and rubbing and squeezing each nipple. Kelly threw her head back as her hands reached for the waistline of John’s pants.

Fiction & Literature
January 17
Sensations Publishing
Sensations Publishing

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