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NEW -- for the FIRST time (for women) your guide to healing the constant tight chronic pain of fibromyalgia in your back and hips while finding out how to regain your health, regain your body, regain your proper weight, and get relief. 

Have you been give the DREADED "F-word" diagnosis (that most women HATE to hear)? Wondering why you? Why the fibromyalgia? Why the pain? Why the insomnia? Why the fatigue? If you seem to have the trials of Job in the Old Testament, and just hate each day, and feel like you can't continue on another then this book is for you. In Real Fibromyalgia Rx, Dr. Purser explains how the pituitary is the root cause for those suffering from fibromyalgia, chronic pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, and even (YES!) interstitial cystitis. Are you wondering how your joints hurt so bad? Why your muscles up between your shoulder blades ache and seem so tense? Why you have sometimes HORRBILE insomnia and yet are exhausted all the time? Wondering why the gut and digestive problems torture you? Why do you suffer from the weird heart palpitations (what other doctor mentions THAT too?)? Why the bladder problems (SEVERE in ICS -- some of you know I'm talking to YOU)? Why the muscle wasting? On and on and on...it never seems to end. For women OR men (yes, they can get all of this too), Dr. Purser, who's done pituitary endocrinology research for a number of years explains (along with the medical literature) HOW you don't have the bad luck of having a bunch of disparate distinct problems but instead you have just one. This is a guide to understanding what the research says about the pituitary, your hormones, menopause, pain, and proper careful hormone replacement therapy. This is a perfect tool to help you find a doctor near you who knows and to take charge of your body and start feeling healthy, happy, and pain-free again! Buy one quick and GET HEALING!!!

Do wonder why you suffer from these? And what follows make sense?

Muscle wasting/No Libido/Fatigue -- could these all be of unknown cause or from low testosterone?Hot Flashes/Night Sweats/Migraines/Osteoporosis -- all from unknown causes or low progesterone?Cold hands and feet/Exhaustion/Weight Gain/Hair Loss -- all a "magic curse" or low thyroid? Bad Osteoporosis/Coronary Artery Disease/Wrinkles -- again a mystery or from low estrogen? Horrible Insomnia/Chronic Fatigue/Muscles that won't heal -- from a virus or from somatropin deficiency? See The Evidence

That This is Really ALL From Undiagnosed Pituitary Dysfunction/Damage/Loss!!! Hundreds of articles referenced and detailed -- no stone left unturned. See why you suffer the way you do, and how to unwind it all! See and understand for the FIRS Time why your ovaries have failed prematurely and what that REALLY means! Find Out Why WHEN You Hit Menopause Things Got REALLY BAD!!! (The DREADED "DOUBLE WHAMMY")

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March 15
Dan Purser MD
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