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Success in various areas of our lives depends on how much our view of reality coincides with reality itself. Humanity inexorably multiplies knowledge in all areas of life so quickly that the mind of an individual can get lost in this ocean of growing information, trying to collect and systematise what is possible in a single picture of the world. Is there a description of reality that would allow us to look at it as objectively as possible? To see a certain palette of colors behind the multicolor mosaic – a model of reality that does not depend on constantly changing circumstances and new information?
When you are surrounded by people with the same views, it may seem to you that your shared views are the most correct description of reality, and those who hold dissimilar views simply do not understand reality. Perhaps someone will even say that he or she relies solely on knowledge, and faith has nothing to do with it.
Not wanting to get ahead of myself, I can only say that this book may change your view on the very nature of reality. At least, it is designed to – what you do with the information here is up to you. Reading this book requires openness, however – some may liken the ideas of this book to a science fiction novel because they are not open to changing their way of thinking. But, by reading this book calmly and impartially, you will see that what is being discussed in it is not at all a figment of the author’s imagination. Rather, it is a detailed description of the reality in which we live. This book talks about consciousness, reality and their interrelation. Realising how your inner and outer worlds work and being aware of the connection between them helps you not only to understand better the nature of your own thoughts, feelings and desires, but also to better shape your reality through them.

July 30
Valerii Haidash
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