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How does one persuade trusting citizens that an emperor is naked? In the fairy story, it takes the naïve candour of the little boy who is too young to realize the consequences of speaking out of turn. But once he does speak, the rest of the people look up and see that what he says is true, that their ruler is behaving with an imperial disregard for both truth and decency”. According to Edward Hooper on his work, “A Story of a Man Made Disease”. REASONS PEOPLE DIE MORE NOWADAYS BY E. G. ANA jr. which tries to elusively tells the reasons people die even more in our present and contemporary time.
In a cluster and a generic look, the issue and a question of, “why are people dying more nowadays, should always be a food for thought. The reasons why people die more nowadays should be a question for all who are alive, who love life, who wants to live life, and wish to live even much longer. Though, people have been dying. Death itself is the characteristics of every living thing. But trust me, the rate at which people die now in our present day has been mush on the rise. And Instead of looking at the causes of death, we look at the factors, the reasons and activities that can kill a person. Some of the reasons include world population control or depopulation, climate change, stress and depression, carelessness which you can find medical errors and accident etc, with this sudden event of rampant death, I am purged to make a research on this. If you have any reason to doubt don’t if you have not read from the first chapter to the end.
It will be interesting to know that, there are actually the causes of death, such as heart disease, causing about 635,260 deaths, cancer, 598,038, accident (unintentional injuries), 161,374, chronic lower respiratory disease, 154,596, stroke (cerebrovascular disease) 142, 142 Alzheimer’s disease: 118,103 deaths respectively a year. These are the top leading causes of death.
In this book we shall not only talk on the cause of death but the factors or reasons that cause this or the reasons that can make one die of this cause.

July 16
E. G. Ana., Jr
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