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Publisher Description

Reclaim Your Headspace is to your mental health what 'factory reset' is to electronic devices. We are in a critical period, and if there is ever any befitting time to learn and practice real-life self-help and empirically proven strategies to help improve your life, now is that time and RECLAIM YOUR HEADSPACE is the right book for you. There is a lot of ultrapractical information embedded in this book that could transform your life drastically and help you become the best version of yourself. Every concept in this book was purposefully and strategically orchestrated to galvanize growth in every facet of your life, most especially your mental health.

Benefits of reading "Reclaim Your Headspace."

·      Mental clarity

·      Increased self-esteem

·      Increased self-awareness

·      Course correction techniques

·      Improved mental health

·      How to handle rejection to your benefit

·      How to avoid negativity in every facet

·      Rare antidotes to depression, stagnation, and low self-esteem

·      Emotional intelligence and self-control

·      Healthy lifestyle 

·      Motivation

·      Inspiration

This book, RECLAIM YOUR HEADSPACE, is unique among self-help books. Rather than just another self-help "manual" relaying technical information about self-esteem, motivation, and mood to the reader from some remote, impersonal position, Powella Samson sits down with the reader and has a warm and empathic conversation with us sharing a combination of empirically-based findings and compassionate, constructive and hard-earned folk wisdom that lifts us up, gets us on track to our better life and nourishes us. One of my favorite parts of this book is his special aphorisms from his spiritual Grandmother where he brings to the reader the many wise and attuned sayings of a great teacher in his life. And on every chapter is embedded mental exercises, positive philosophies, definitive affirmations, and consciousness images to help revolutionize you bio-psycho-socially. This is the kind of self-help book you take with you everywhere and practice on-the-go. Reclaim Your Headspace is a game-changer and stands out amongst other self-help books.

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December 1
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