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How do you cope when a deep or tragic loss leaves you feeling empty, angry, or alone? How do you break free from the cycle of rejection that causes you to feel hopeless? Healing is a journey, and while there are no shortcuts through the process of grief caused by bulling and peer pressure, God promises not to leave you in the valley of despair, doomed to repeat the cycle of rejection over and over. Through this Christian book, learn what the causes of feeling rejected are, like abandonment, adoptions, bullying, peer pressure, childhood sexual abuse, disapproval, divorce, domestic violence, and how to overcome those painful experiences.

Have you walked the lonely road of rejection? If so, you know the silent cry for acceptance, that inner need for intimacy, the deep craving for closeness. Jesus, too, dealt with rejection. Your identity is in the Lord because of your relationship with Him. He holds you in His compassionate hands, and you are accepted.
Discover how to:

•Know whether or not you are controlled by the fear of rejection

•Identify the outer signs of rejection often seen and felt by others

•Stop the cycle of rejection

•Replace rejection by reaching out to others

Learn how to overcome rejection in the section titled, "Steps to Solution," where June Hunt walks you through:

•The 4 things you need to know about God's character

•4 keys to God's acceptance

•7 Facts to know about your rejection

•Questions and answers to help you break through feelings of rejection

•And much more.Look for all 25 titles in the Hope For The Heart Biblical Counseling Library. These mini-books are for people who seek freedom from codependency, anger, conflict, verbal and emotional abuse, depression, or other problems.

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