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The third novel in the dark and chilling “Jewels Trust M.U.R.D.E.R.” series.

Perverse Needs. Unrelenting Pursuit. Savage Murders.

A sadistic rapist turned murderer, named “the Dentist” by the media, learns he’s a dead ringer for Jewels’ national hero husband and decides to “become” him. After studying his habits and mimicking his nuances, he’s ready to make the switch. When he does, Jewels is forced to accept her new counterfeit husband or suffer grave consequences.

Abducted and held captive in an old farmhouse, Jewels and her “real” husband battle to stay alive and struggle to maintain their sanity. The odds of the resilient couple surviving the hideous tortures of this cunning serial killer are almost nonexistent. Almost.

Download “Reluctant Trust” today to continue your journey through the dark and chilling “Jewels Trust M.U.R.D.E.R” series.

Author’s Note: This particular novel holds special meaning for me. Having been a victim of a rape attempt when I was a teen, the trauma of the event sometimes still sends me into it shuddersome flashbacks … even after forty years. Thus, it’s the reason I dedicated this book to any woman who has triumphed over such violence. Having said that, fair warning, some of the scenes in this novel are brutal (as rape is).


Reluctant Trust is out of this world intense. “The Dentist” is totally twisted and the intrigue of the “Vanishing Strip” kept the pages turning for me. I have to admit (don’t tell my wife) I’m falling in love, well maybe infatuation, with Jewels. That babe is a fighter! As I’m reading this story, I’ve concluded Spain has a knack for making you think it’s over, only to hit you with another gruesome situation, almost more terrifying than the first. If you can handle reading about some of the most heinous deeds men can do to women, this book is for you. —StraightShooter

“The Dentist” is downright evil, the darkest character of the first three novels, yet again the entire plot is believable. If you follow the news, you will understand just how well Spain delivers on her greatest strength ... telling a tight realistic story. As I reader I HAD to see how Jewels made it out of her seemingly impossible situation. The main characters continue to grow with each novel, but their relationships are not smooth, creating a dynamic that at times is troubled, yet they never fail to support each other in times of need! Another fast paced read. —MisterMagoo

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May 23
Shirley Spain
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