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During World War II, nations raced to construct the world's first nuclear weapon that would determine the future of the world. The Manhattan Project, one of the most significant achievements of the 20th century, was the culmination of America's war effort.

Today, although the issue of nuclear weapons frequently dominates world politics, few are aware of the history behind its development. Part I of this book, comprised of papers from the Atomic Heritage Foundation's Symposium on the Manhattan Project, recounts the history of this remarkable effort and reflects upon its legacy.

Most of the original structures of the Manhattan Project have been inaccessible to the public and in recent years, have been stripped of their equipment and slated for demolition. Part II proposes a strategy for preserving these historical artifacts for the public and future generations.

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Contents:Part I: A Report on the Proceedings:A History Worth PreservingThe Manhattan Project — A Millennial TransformationThe Allies and the Atomic BombThe Military and Science in the Crucible of WarSpeaking from ExperienceLessons of the Manhattan Project for the 21st CenturyClosing ReflectionsPart II: A Plan for Preserving the Manhattan Project:Preserving America: A Strategy for the Manhattan ProjectCross-Cutting RecommendationsPreservation Strategies for the Manhattan Project: Two Options
Readership: Scientists, historians, public policy makers, educators and students as well as members of the general public.
History of the Manhattan Project;Second World War;Preserving AmericaKey Features:Will engage students and a broad national audience interested in the top-secret effort in WWII to create the world's first atomic bombIncludes compelling articles by Pulitzer Prize winner Richard Rhodes, The Making of the Atomic Bomb, Gregg Herken, Brotherhood of the Bomb, Robert Norris, Racing for the Bomb, and five other notable historians

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January 27
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