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Down in New Orleans, Arelia quickly discovers that there is no rest for the weary or for the wicked. With Emilie desperate to destroy her at any cost, Arelia must act like a true Queen and find answers to questions that she isn’t ready to ask. From the spirited halls of Darkwood to the lush hills of Africa and the ports of Haiti, Arelia chases after the past only to discover that the ghosts of yesterday never really die.

Filled with an unlikely romance full of danger, betrayal of the worst kind, an obsessive thirst for power, spirits with ways and means, Arelia’s strange and haunting world will spirit you away.

Young Adult
October 31
Kira Saito
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Kissalex ,

Series is too long..

This book was okay, confusing, but okay.
The reason it was confusing is because it's the sixth book in the series so far. Every time a new book comes out, you have to re-read all the previous books to make sense of the new one because it took so long for the new one and you can't remember anything unless you do. Also, there are about a hundred story lines that you have to figure out and then you're left hanging. Not sure I want to keep investing so much of my time reading, re-reading then waiting for the story to do something. Anything. Characters were good for the first 3 books but then it got messy and out of control. So what does the author do? Create more, of course! If you have time and infinite patience, this is the series for you. Otherwise, find something else. Or, to the author, release more than one book at a time, like the next 3/4/10-whatever in the series and conclude it. I get that it's your baby but your one story will stop being told simply due to impatience and boredom and all that jazz.

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