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Revised Third Edition.

Eric Aitchison's long and in-depth study is basically his way to reconcile the conventional model of ancient history with the 'Ages in Chaos' series of Velikovsky. He has been extremely thorough in his research and came to the conclusion that although Velikovsky used Biblical dates as anchors for his broad-brush realignments and alter egos, a closer analysis of the Biblical parallels was possible and so much so that even the limmu list supported Assyrian King List could be adjusted and re-evaluated in the context of a revision of chronology – such as the actual date for the fall of Samaria. In fact, this e-book makes a number of arguments that strongly refute some of Velikovsky's most famous synchronisms – in fact, quite a lot of them. I can't at the moment think of any other revisionist that has taken on and demolished so many of Velikovsky's arguments – and yet at the same time he remains positively on board the Velikovsky experience. He ends up with a system that is in so many ways pro-Velikovsky and yet at the same time is quite unlike all the major players in revisions of ancient history post-Velikovsky.

The Glasgow chronologists dismissed the second and third volumes of 'Ages in Chaos' en bloc. Somewhat later, first James and then Rohl (and cohorts), went on to abandon the first volume of 'Ages in Chaos' – the book that set it all in motion. Another group of revisionists moved in the opposite direction shifting not just dynasties but whole blocks of history forward in time, en-masse. Eric Aitchison, on the other hand, with input from A Montgomery, B Curnock, J Crowe, L Mitcham, J Lascelles and latterly D K Mills has actually remained extraordinarily faithful to the core of 'Ages in Chaos' and they have all of them treated Velikovsky's research with the utmost respect and admiration.

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