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In this interesting piece; the author argues that Richard Dawkins has failed in his attempts to put a good rational argument for atheism.
The professor uses the rather feeble approach of setting up straw men only to dismantle them with great relish. These repeated mischaracterizations of faith do the atheist camp no favours. All it does is betray a vitriolic personal agenda.

It is argued that The God delusion has helped to perpetuate two major modern myths. First that religion and science contradict each other and second that Theists are unthinking drones. If Aristotle, Augustine, Plotinus, Aquinas, Descartes, Kant, Einstein, Collins and thousands of other genius's are unthinking drones -this would make Richard Dawkins intelligence amoeba like.

A rational case for Theism is proposed.

November 17
Ian McCoy
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Customer Reviews

leriver ,

Entertaining: the perspective of a professional magician!

I have to admit that I had fun reading these seven pages of siily pseudo-profundity. This 7-page "book" may be a bit lengthy for the authors' peers, but by being persistent and hanging on to the "witty" grunts and other kernels of "wisdom", toilet-trained gorillas may get a page or two in before being distracted by something shiny.

ThousandsofGenius"Theists" ,

Uneducated Man decides to write a book.

Ian McCoy attempts to battle logic with his own "rational" reasonings, but I have heard elementary school children speak with more Logic and understanding of the real world. A flop in the defense of theists. He also lists many "theists" like scientists of old, and unfortunately has his facts on the listings all wrong. Another Misinformed theist man, who cant quite seem to understand real world logic.

RW1942 ,

Pure Garbage

A desperate attempt to justify a misspent existence.

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