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"“If you pick up this book, you won't put it down....Collins fans will gobble up Rock Star.” -Vogue

Jackie Collins didn’t just write about the rich and famous--she had a front-stage insider’s view! When her husband ran nightclubs in London, top rockers often frequented and they’d bare their most salacious secrets to her, which she’d then weave into her stories. Combining these real-life experiences and her incredible imagination, she captures the raw, electric thrill of life in the spotlight in the pulse-pounding, page turner Rock Star!

The legend, the comeback, and the rising star. . . Three talented, ambitious dreamers want rock and roll superstardom so badly they’ll do anything and anyone to get it.

There’s English rocker Kris Phoenix, who’s been chasing the dream since he was a teen. Once part of an up-and-coming duo, Kris is forced to cut his childhood friend loose when Buzz becomes a buzzkill to superstardom. Kris’s career immediately skyrockets—but at what cost?

Then there’s country-western singing prodigy Bobby Mondella. The former child star lost his money, fame, and eyesight practically overnight, but now he’s ready to bask in the limelight as he forges on a new path in the rock arena.

Finally, there’s lounge-singer Rafaella. She’s endured a string of terrible tragedies that could have broken her but instead fueled her to propel beyond her past and her dysfunctional marriage, and soar to the top.

All three hopefuls are hopelessly connected by the ruthless music manager Marcus Citrogen and his devious wife Nova, and could soon learn that the price of fame may just be just a bit too high in this pure adrenaline ride of a story that culminates in three climactic moments that satisfy readers as only a book by Jackie Collins can!

“The way the story is written is what really makes Rock Star a book that is worth waaayyyy more than just a fourth read.” - The Young Folks Book Blog

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