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Once there was a happy husband and wife that lived in a lovely castle surrounded by lush green forest as far as the eye could see. Everyone knew them as the perfect couple who did everything together. They would go on nice walks in the forest, attend the fanciest balls, and travel the area whenever the lord’s duties would allow.Despite being a strict lord of the area, the man treated his wife with elegance and grace, and tended to her every want and need. He kept her pampered at all times as he felt lucky to have her. When she was ill, he would summon the best doctor to make her well again. When she was bored, he would bring in the best jesters of the land to sate her appetite for entertainment. When she wanted a child, he gladly did what was necessary. Everything was perfect for the couple, that is, until it came time to give birth to their first and only child.The man, of course, was hoping for a son. His son would be heir to his land and riches and carry on the family legacy – he had it all planned out. He would teach him good values – how to be a leader, how to be noble, how to care for a woman. His wife, on the other hand, did not care if her soon-to-be baby was a boy or a girl. She would love her child all the same, and decidedly by her husband, so would he. The thought of having a baby boy filled the man’s eyes up with joy, but the thought of his wife’s happiness was of an equal measure.Unfortunately, the man was not blessed with either of his wishes. While giving birth, his loving wife did not make it. Moreover, she died giving birth to a little baby girl. Weeks went by as the man grieved for the loss of his wife. She was his missing piece in life, and now she had been lost forever. Not only that, but this little girl couldn’t possibly carry on the family name as she was not a proper heir. The more time that went by, the more resentment that swam around in the man’s head. In his eyes, this little abomination of life had caused the death of his beloved. He had promised to love her, but he never had expected it to be absent his other love – his wife. After years went by he decided to name his little girl Rapunzel which was another name for an herb. He did not feel she was worthy of being called a flower. The resentment kept building until he could no longer even look at his daughter anymore. Killing her would mean dishonoring is wife, but if he kept her by his side it would be inevitable. It was very unclear what he was going to do with her until he passed by an abandoned watch tower.No one had been to the watch tower for as long as he could remember. It was built long ago, before the forest was thick and impenetrable, when an army could just walk right up to where the castle now laid. There hadn’t been a war in years, and the tower was now just taking up space. It could now be used for anything, and he knew exactly what to do with it.Waiting until night, he took his little girl back to the watch tower. With her tied to his back, he scaled the tower wall and made it to the top with little effort. At the top of the tower was a room with a single window initially used for scouting the terrain, but now that the trees had grown around it, all that was in view was a sea of green. The room contained an old bed and a nearly empty bookcase – perfect for one person to stay for an extended period of time assuming adequate rations were supplied. Without hesitating for a moment, he untied his baby girl from his back and set her down on the bed. “This is your home now,” he said with a sad look on his face. He started to climb down the tower as she stared blankly at him while he descended. It was slightly difficult for him to leave her there alone, but he knew she would be safe up there, and he could not bear to see a miniature version of his wife any longer.

Fiction & Literature
September 8
Jessie Krowe
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