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The Rome Traveler's Guide to Make The Most Out of Your Trip.
It was once the seat of a vast and powerful empire known for its conquering armies, grand architecture, ahead of its time engineering, and lavish lifestyles of the ruling elite. Today’s modern Rome has all of the elegant, ancient history of its past life mixed with the modern feel of a city at the epicenter of all things Italian. Where else but the “Eternal City” can you grab a slice of authentic Roman style pizza while heading for St. Peter’s Square to see the Pope’s weekly address, or indulge in homemade gelato while checking out the inspiring awe of the ancient Colloseum?
There’s no question that Rome is full of historic splendor and beauty. Not only is it the largest city in all of Italy, but it has stood the test of time, being built on seven hills along the banks of the Tiber river. As the old saying goes, “All roads lead to Rome,” and when you journey there, you’ll instantly realize why. As the central part of one of the most powerful empires the world has ever seen, Rome was a city known for its religious, artistic, architectural, and aristocratic significances. From priceless works of art to delicious, authentic cuisine, Rome has plenty to offer the eager traveler looking to seek out historic adventures as well as modern fun.
Rome definitely has something for everyone, and it’s not just a city for seeing historic museums and monuments. Even those not interested in history will enjoy the rich culture, scenery, and culinary dishes that are all a part of the true Roman ambience. For the adventurous travelers, there are also some great excursions outside of Rome that can be a quick getaway from the city itself. In fact, there are some great destinations beyond the city walls that will interest even those looking for perhaps just a quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of the Roman metropolis. No matter the type of traveler you are, or what you’ve come to Rome to see, there’s bound to be something new and exciting to discover each day!

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April 22
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