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Nature is king when men and women come together to breed, and it isn't a forgiving master. Rough sex, bondage, and unmistakable impregnation are on the table when shy, submissive women encounter the primal alphas of their dreams.

This five story collection reissues four of Arthur Mitchell's best rough breeding sex stories, along with an all new novelette. These tales are roadmaps of sexual hunting grounds, where only the best men are fit to claim their virgin prey.

Bred in Secrecy: Alice awakens in a stranger's apartment, bound for impregnation. Secretive Morgan isn't any ordinary captor, though. Her growing attraction to the powerful man just might explain why most of the world is sterile, and why Alice has been chosen to help reverse the trend.

The Breeding Bargain: Rudderless Misty's dark secret has been discovered by the handsome neighborhood watchman across the street. It's bad enough to send her to prison, but Sean Dawkes has other ideas. He offers her an escape from a ruined life, but the path will lead her right into his bedroom, where breeding slavery awaits.

Bound and Bred: Spine tingling pleasure and enlightenment awaits a young nursing student who falls into the hands of a breeding cult. Servicing their needs is only the beginning as Natasha discovers an irresistible glamor in submission.

Blackmailed by the Sadist: Sandra will do anything to regain her acting career. A reclusive billionaire known only as Lucien can give it back to her, but his sadistic tastes pose the ultimate challenge. Lucien intends to leave a permanent mark on his desperate beauty that goes far beyond playful welts.

A Hunter's Breeding Trap: In Nicole's world, women at peak fertility are sent off to the alpha hunters who inhabit the woods. She's come of age to breed, and now the men who have called to her in sweet dreams await. But are they the rugged wonders she's always imagined?

This collection contains explicit scenes of domination, submissive training, and the roughest breeding encounters around. An erotic bundle of over 35,000 words.

Special note: Each story normally sells for half the price of this collection, meaning that you're getting five stories for the cost of two. It's also the only place to read the exclusive novelette, The Breeding Bargain!

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January 1
Arthur Mitchell
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