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Have you been naughty? Do you need to be punished?

Accidental Porn Star: Would you take sexy photos or be spanked for money?

An online ad spurs sexy Jenna to consider modelling for money. Her money situation is dire and she doesn't want to get kicked out of her apartment.

What lengths would you go to in order to stay off the streets?

The ad didn't tell her the whole story, though.

When the sexy man she's posing with starts smacking her bum, Jenna has to make a choice: Will she break her contract, or will she let herself be spanked and seduced for money?

In this smutty, steamy story, you will find:

Sex on camera
The Merchant's Daughter: How can Riordan possibly thank the man who saved her life?

This 3000 word story contains:

Rough Sex
Historical erotic romance
A hot, alpha male
A damsel in distress
Riordan Dempsey was one of the most powerful merchants in the world--the kind of man that left a shiver up your spine if he looked at you the wrong way.

When he wanted his daughter moved out of Dublin to their winter home, he hired the best guards a man could find to accompany her.

What none of them counted on was the carriage breaking down and the horses getting loose.

Now Captain Cináed Connelly wants nothing more than to get home to his family without losing his job.

When one of the younger soldiers makes a big mistake trying to take the ripe young daughter of one of the most powerful men alive for his own pleasure, the Captain takes action.

He stops the younger man before any damage is done, and the heiress is so grateful that she decides to thank him in the only way she knows how.

Rough Edges: Is this art... or is it sex?

Foxie is a sexy, new model looking for work. When she's hired for some nude modeling, she expect everything to be pretty normal.

When she meets the artist, however, she finds he has something other than creating an artistic masterpiece on his mind!

This 3000 word paints a sexy story about:

Oral sex
Billionaire erotica

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September 28
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