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A British bad boy and a runaway princess bride collide for a tempting time…


Being a rock god isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It’s become a soulless grind. Which is why I’m now on my mate’s houseboat, far away from the spotlight, hoping to find my way back to the music.

Yeah. Not gonna happen.

I’ve just discovered a stowaway on board, and I can’t believe who she is. A bloody princess? And the prim little woman won’t leave the boat, so I make an offer to scare her off—a no-strings fling.

Only she says yes.

I say no, and she promptly locks herself in my bedroom.

I swear I’m dropping her off at the next port.

She’s trouble wrapped in a pretty virginal package, and I know I shouldn’t touch.


I’m a runaway bride trying to make a clean escape. But when Jackson Walker discovers me hiding on his boat—after I get over the shock of stumbling upon a rock star’s hideaway—I immediately know he’s exactly what I need. He’s wild, rough around the edges, perfect.

My family would never approve. The press would skewer us. I still want him.

He’s the antidote to my tightly prescribed life.

But can he ever see past my title to the woman I long to be?

The Rourkes Series

Royal Catch (Book 1)

Royal Hottie (Book 2)

Royal Darling (Book 3)

Royal Charmer (Book 4)

Royal Player (Book 5)

Royal Shark (Book 6)

May 14
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Customer Reviews

D.Freh ,

A Rock Star and a Princess - Who Knew

I absolutely loved this book!

Both Emma and Jackson are trying to get away from it all and find themselves when these two cross paths. Emma is set on experiencing the things she missed out on (as a sheltered Princess) and figures Jackson is just the bad boy rock star to help her out. Jackson has lost his muse and is trying to lay low and put down some music tracks for his impending deadline but he's got nothing! After the loss of his best friend Jackson is lost and just can't write music like he used to.

They stayed together and experienced many of Emma's firsts. Jackson's muse was found. There's plenty of Royal drama, lots of laughs, and plenty of feel good moments. Read this book, you won't be disappointed.

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