Runaway Wife (Contemporary Fiction) Runaway Wife (Contemporary Fiction)

Runaway Wife (Contemporary Fiction‪)‬

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She’s trying to hold on, but her family is falling apart…

Up until several months ago, Maggie Lawson and her husband were right on track. Now, the kids are misbehaving and he’s not acting like himself at all. Is it too much to ask to get back the family she once had?

Worried that her life is crumbling around her, she turns to her beloved aunt. However, her aunt is in need of help herself. Ready to go to her aunt’s side if only for a week or two, Maggie’s husband questions her priorities. As a stay-at-home mom, it’s her job to raise the children and now they need her more than ever. Torn between a rock and a hard place, Maggie enlists her quirky friends to create a getaway plan.

On the wild journey, she faces truths she never wanted to learn, meets questionable characters, and, while stuck overnight with a hot stranger, discovers an unlikely bond. When she finally reaches her aunt in her small hometown, Maggie learns her adventure has only just begun. While her aunt’s days are numbered, she insists on living her remaining life to the fullest and along the way teaches Maggie not to settle for anything less. Time is running out for both of them and Maggie longs to find the secrets to save her marriage and help her children to be the best they can be. But her aunt’s lessons end far too soon and Maggie uncovers her aunt had a few secrets of her own…

Maggie’s hope at holding onto what’s left of her fragile family is in jeopardy when she searches her heart for the answers to her growing concerns. Is it too late to begin again on her own terms?

If you like inspirational stories of triumph, second chances, and a bit of romance, then you’ll love this women’s fiction saga by Laurie LeClair.

Fiction & Literature
April 25
Laurie LeClair
Draft2Digital, LLC

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