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After the troubles of the Middle East had exposed the corrupt workings of American and British corporations in the exploitation of resources in that rich region, a counter movement was started by an extremist group known firstly as ISIS, then the Islamic State and finally became the Chronicles of Islam. In a worldwide terrorist attack that poisons the drinking water of the major cities of the world, ISIS eliminates most of the population of the Western world and implements an international form of Islam based on both Sharia and Sunni laws called the Chronicles of Islam. It is enforced by volunteer warriors calling themselves the Defenders of the Chronicles. The power behind the Chronicles is an Ayatollah named Sulamujin who is at the same time the demon Satan and the guardian of the Tree of Life. Sulamujin must stop the return to Paradise in order to keep the chaos of the world in place as it has been since Paradise was first lost by Adam and Eve. His power and continued existence depends on this state of affairs being maintained. To protect his world he must find Adam and stop him. He does not know of the books of the Illuminati or even that Malik is the Adam he seeks. When he is young Malik becomes a warrior of the Chronicles and is sent to America to find and decapitate obstinate Christians that are still in hiding; known as ‘Born Agains’. He is unaware that he has been chosen by fate to bring humanity back to the Garden of Eden. But the Illuminati who were formed to bring about a return to godliness on the planet have foreseen his crucial role.
The original five Illuminati in Bavaria were all given a copy of the New Testament taken from the Bishop’s Bible hand written by the Jesuits. This was a true copy of the first version of the New Testament from the middle ages and was supposed to be a consistent reference to keep all future versions pure. They formed a secret society and were sworn to fight to keep corrupt church leaders from changing scripture to suit themselves. These books were handed down to the chosen; trustworthy people of each generation and contained proof of the owners commitment to the cause. When the books are finally brought together they will provide the power to re-open the Gates to the Garden and provide direct access to God eliminating the need for clergy.
Malik’s wife Fayiah and his son Jeremiah have been waiting for him to return from his work for the Chronicles for over ten years. He is considered to be dead by the villagers and under the Chronicle laws Fayiah should marry Malik’s brother. But she has dreamed things that tell her Malik is still alive and will find her. She, Jeremiah and Biruk, Fayiah’s father and Jeremiah’s grandfather leave the village and go to the Bale Mountains to look for Malik. On the way they meet and join up with a Bedouin called Ahmed Hussein and together they fight a guerrilla war against Sulamujin and his desert warriors. Sulamujin is trying to find Adam and uses all his wiles to kidnap Fayiah whom he suspects will lead him to Adam.
The Tree of Life, guarded by one of the persona of Satan in the form of a burning sword, is in the Garden of Eden which is in turn guarded by the Cherub, known as the Shedu. The site of the Garden has been identified by the Illuminati in New York as being under the desolate Bale Mountains in Ethiopia. A local mining operation has broken through into the complex of caves which hold the garden and strange vibrations and trembling of the ground in the area have occurred recently. The chapter of the Illuminati studying the prophecies and sacred texts kidnap Malik and convince him to go to the mine, find two of the books and steal the fruit of the Tree from under Satan’s and the Shedu’s nose. Once he has the fruit he must start on the difficult task of finding and retrieving the remaining books in order complete his quest.
Malik goes to the mine and finds the book as well as the Garden...

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 31
Roger Russell
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