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The men of the Satan's Rebels MC are all of this, and more.

So who do you turn to, when you’ve lost everything?

Jade Moore has ceased to exist. Betrayed by the man sworn to protect her, she finds herself thrust into the world of her late father’s enemies, wishing for a death that never comes. 

But out of the darkness comes a man more terrifying than the men holding her, more cold than the cell she’s called home for the last four years. His low voice promises salvation, but in a world of demons, can Jade trust the Devil himself?

In a darkened world, she is his only light.

Viper’s reputation speaks for itself. A cold, ruthless killer whose sole allegiance lies with the Satan’s Rebels MC.

Infiltrating the enemy’s camp was easy, but safeguarding his heart is proving to be harder.

With one glimpse of dark hair and emerald eyes, Viper feels something he hasn’t felt in years… alive.

He swore he’d keep her safe, but when his own demons catch up to him, will Viper be able to keep his promise, or will they both burn for his mistakes?

January 9
Vasko Books
Vasko Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

44Chapman ,

Satans Rebels MC - Complete Series

by Kira Johns - Nov 29/18
I glad I read this 1st book in the series it made me aware of how evil people can be to one another but I am anxious to read the complete MC series.
Downloaded on Apple Ibooks for review!

Ter632580 ,

Satans Rebels MC - Complete Series

This book had a lot of ups and downs. Really enjoyed this series.

emmahjane ,

Emotional Rollercoaster

I was confused, angry, absolutely devastated, sick to my stomach, and exhausted from reading the complete Satans Rebels MC series. I'm glad the friend who recommended the series to me did so (and also gave me a trigger warning before I started reading). Kira Johns is a MASTER writer, the characters were just so amazingly developed and the storyline was gripping. I read fast. Like really fast and 3550 pages is nothing to me. I started reading at 8pm and 14 hours later [after changing my contacts twice and using half a box of tissues] reading the last page was almost as devastating as realizing beloved characters were exiting the series. The series was so hard to read and honestly I can't do it justice in a review. But it has some of the most well developed characters and gripping interweaving plotlines that I have ever had the chance to enjoy.

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