Savage Magic

Skyler Andra and Others

Publisher Description

Their savage magic could save the world…if it doesn't destroy their hearts first. 

Enter new realms of shadow and darkness in this limited edition collection full of unlikely heroes and iron-willed heroines who are willing to sacrifice everything for the greater good - including themselves.

Inside these pages, you'll swoon for magic-wielding anti-heroes trapped in morally grey wars; fall in love in worlds where immortals stalk the night and ghosts haunt academy halls; and brave the unknown in the fight of good versus evil where angels fall and dragons shifters rule the earth…and their women. 

With the turn of every page, you'll lose sleep as these breath-taking stories take you on a wild ride through fantasy and romance. 

So go ahead and give in: one-click this collection NOW and stay up past midnight to discover SAVAGE MAGIC!

Stories included in SAVAGE MAGIC:

Prophecy of the Gods by Skyler Andra: When a drug shipment goes horribly wrong, Slade Vincent, president of Jackals' Wrath MC, does what the god of chaos does best: reign down hell.

Young Blood by J.E. Taylor: Duty and fate collide when a cocky young alpha finds his forbidden mate. Robby Young never anticipated meeting his true soul mate on the first day at the Monster Defense Academy, especially considering relationships with other members of the agency are strictly prohibited. When that girl ends up listed as his partner, Robby has to muzzle his wolf to keep her safe. If he falls prey to his desires and crosses the line his father set, he'll sentence his partner to a position in front of the firing squad.

Rising From the Dust by Katie Cherry: With the power of a vampire flowing through her veins, Zarafa expected her days of being treated like dirt to be behind her. When her determination to be powerful and admired drives her into the arms of a dastardly organization, she'll do anything to gain their approval—even sacrificing her agency, her heart, and her future.

In the Shadow of Darkness by Nellie H. Steele: With odd animal deaths, unexplained bouts of mania, and unidentifiable illnesses exploding in the small town of Bucksville, Maine, warlock Grayson Buckley knows something is terribly wrong. All signs point to a centuries-old evil Gray has encountered before–one that ripped his wife away from him twenty-five years ago. And if he can't find her and convince her to return, it's not just his soul at stake.

The Waking of Ghosts by Lilliana Rose: When a seemingly normal ghost banishment goes horribly wrong, Zarya endangers the lives of her new friends.

Will Zarya's actions cause more enemies at the Lost Souls Academy than friends?

Wild Spirit by Emily Hussey: Bronwen knew without a doubt that her future lay with Kieran…until fate intervened. After a blight on their clan tears them apart, Kieran begins a worldwide search to banish the hex on their people - and bring Bronwen home for good. 

Cin d'Rella and the Water of Life by SJ West: In the cursed city of Briardale, Cin leaves her wicked stepfamily behind to join Thorn Hill Academy and fulfill her destiny to become an elite Thorn… but charming Coltan Prince, enemy of the Thorns, will complicate Cin's quest. This paranormal/urban fantasy is an exciting fairy tale reinvention!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 5
Evershade Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC