Save The Farking Unicorns! A Humorous Tale Of Fantasy and Science Fiction

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For the very first time, esteemed indie author Lennox Mumpsfield is gracing the world with a glimpse of his long form narrative skills by trying his hand at a full-length literary humor feature. Act now! Because soon those fantasy and science fiction skills are going BACK IN THE VAULT (I grew up watching Disney VHS tapes; if you don't get the reference I can't help you.)

And the PLOT! Several, actually! And none of them produced at the expense of another's quality! Lennox's old manager at this taco joint he used to work at used to tell him that all the time. But fa real, this book has more plots than a Game of Thrones marathon showing at the local cemetery.

But anyone can do plot really. I mean, it's like, pffffft. Who cares about plot? I mean Lennox does it fabulously coz he can't help it, you know, but if you're intentionally putting plot in your stories you mus' be some kine uh eejit.

What you'll really love about this story is all of the “rising action.” That's right. RISING ACTION. And MULTIPLE CLIMAXES. One time I was on Oprah talking about Lennox's book for him (he was far to busy to make it to the engagement himself), and she was like “We all jus' wanna know one thing: where IN THE WORLD does Lennox get all of that RISING ACTION and MULTIPLE CLIMAXES from, son!?!?”

And to top it all off, he gave this tale enough denouement to bust a gang! BOOYAH!

I suppose you actually want to know what this literary novella is all about. To that I say... unicorn magic! And a secret government project with memory implants in a guy's brain, but the arrangement goes awry. And a pickup artist icon that goes after the world's best selling author of all time (hint: this is fiction, so it can't be Lennox himself!) The romance! And unicorn hair gloves more powerful than all the unicorn hair gloves that have come before. And a candid camera YouTube show. And an investigative journalist tailing a gruesome canine serial killer. And unicorn magic! This is humorous fiction for adults... that aren't afraid to laugh at and enjoy magical unicorn books.

Lennox's momma always told him that themes from literary humor and fantasy humor books can sometimes go together. That advice served the best-selling author well in his quest to become the best of the best! Throw in a little bit of unicorn magic and PRESTO! You have a dang entertaining fantasy and science fiction read.

You will like this book if you are: a younger person who has a basic understanding of web technologies like YouTube and blogging; a lexicomane and/or rare word aficionado; a person with a decent sense of humor; you make fun of hipsters like everyone else but secretly wonder what it would be like to be one.

In this literary novella, ordinary members of society travel the world and take to the clouds with the magical counterpart culture living silently alongside our society in a caper that threatens the way of life of unicornkind and magicians and warlocks the world over! How will they fare? And what will happen to the children!?

Would you be embarrassed if your friends found unicorn books on your bookshelf? I would be. I mean, don't be!!! It's all kosher as long as it's humorous fiction for adults. Look, if you've got an entertaining cast of unique and interesting characters whose paths cross in humorous and fantastic and intriguing and well-written ways then what's to be ashamed of? On top of it the book has a snarky enough title where you could pass it off as hipster literary humor. BUT IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE. Lennox likes to play it off like his writing is a bastion of hipster culture as a marketing ploy, but really he doesn't know the first thing about it. Or does he?

Bottom Line: Lennox sweats to make sure good people like you have a good book to read. I know you must hate me for sucking up to you, but don't! This book is Lennox's best one yet.

If you haven't yet, read the free preview and give this fantasy humor book a shot. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Fiction & Literature
May 5
Lennox Mumpsfield
Draft2Digital, LLC

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