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70% of relationships end in failure. 50% of all marriages won't make it.

What if you could have a successful marriage? 

Dr. Thomas Trautmann's new book, "ISave Your Marriage: Use Your Brains", examines the differences between the brains of men and women and explains just why relationships fail, and how you can save your marriage, save your couple.

Trautmann wrote "ISave Your Marriage: Use Your Brains" after experiencing relationship difficulties with his wife. The couple found that traditional therapies such as marriage counseling did not improve their relationship. Looking for answers, Trautmann used his own professional experience in persuasion and brain science to study relationships. He also delved into neuro scientific research to find answers to why relationships are so complex.

Thomas rautmann worked in Artificial Neural Networks, a field he wrote his Ph.D. Thesis in. It later led him to work for the first NeuroMarketing agency, SalesBrain. Certified in NeuroMarketing, Trautmann has taken his knowledge of the brain and applied it to relationships. The result of his research is "Save Your Marriage: Use Your Brains".

Trautmann stresses that the male and female brain are not wired the same. The difference in each sex's brain results in complications in relationships. Trautmann's research and writing on the subject has made the information simple for readers to digest. 

Now, couples can find out why they have relationship problems that traditional methods are unable to fix. Rather than blaming one side, "Save Your Marriage: Use Your Brains" explains just why problems occur and remain, and how to save your marriage, save your couple.

The book is not only filled with research, but it contains simple tips and tricks. These give readers ideas on how they can save their relationships. Readers can then work toward making their relationship part of the 30 percent that succeed. 

Questions to the Author:

- Q: For whom did you write "Save Your Marriage: Use Your Brains"?
- A: I wrote"Save Your Marriage: Use Your Brains" to help women and men understand each other much better, getting them to smile again," and save their relationship, save their marriage, save their couple. "Happy couples will help to educate happy children who will build a better world."

- Q: Why is the content of the book unique?
- A: The traditional ways to save a relationship, to save a marriage, haven't proven their efficiency. Nowadays the breakup rate is in the 50% range for all existing marriages! Therapies, lawyers, relationship theories don't work! It was highly time to find something new, notative and easy to use for all men and women. Thanks to the latest learning from brain science the differences between the male and female brains are better understood. It was then a matter of trial and error to create simple tips and tricks anyone can use.

-Q: How long does it take to save my marriage?
- A: How fast can you read? The book is 110 pages long, and each tip and trick presented and explained can be implemented in a couple hours. And some practice.

- Q: What type of differences are there?
- A: In a couple most misunderstandings come from the fact that tiny chemical reactions, wiring make the male and female brain run differently. Women like to share, men like to be quiet. Women are emotional, men are driven. There are so many differences it would take a book ... Hey there is one now! :-)

August 29
Thomas Trautmann
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