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Thrilled to be recruited into the secret society of Time Surfers, fifteen year old Saxon Brightlight, along with her two time traveling buddies, Firetop and Sugar Boy, surf to past eras by the use of their "Tri-Meters" and meet famous historical figures.

Between time jumps, Saxon must keep up with school, home, social life and her growing love for Firetop. She also must contend with her high school nemesis, Pamela, who is obsessed with besting Saxon academically and socially.

Our three Time Surfers are concerned with recurring mysterious strangers who appear to be watching them. They are challenged to decipher their meaning and intent.

When Sugar Boy sets off on his own to a "hot zone" to dissuade Nat Turner from his slave rebellion of 1831 and fails to return, Saxon and Firetop vow to bring him back. From reading Nat's bio, they conclude that he must have been manipulated by a rogue Time Surfer bent on altering the past for his twisted pleasure.

When Saxon and Firetop jump down, they discover a message written in Sugar Boy's blood telling them when and where to find him. They jump again, missing Sugar Boy by minutes. Jumping a third time, they find him hogtied in a cabin, missing his Tri-Meter and one of his fingers.

While trying to figure how to get the three of them back with only two Tri-Meters, the rogue appears, and a bloody fight ensues. Sugar Boy grabs the rogue's Tri-Meter. Nat and his gang show up and realize that their plan to kill all white people has been discovered. They decide the four Time Surfers must die. Leaving the rogue to the merciless gang, our three jump to Sugar Boy's present where they are treated as heroes.

Back in her own time, Saxon suffers from post traumatic shock. She has a meltdown at school. Pamela offers insult to injury.

Saxon and Firetop meet Sugar Boy. They console each other, but they are worried about the rogue's brother coming after them. They decide on a preemptive strike. Unwittingly, the rogue gave them clues where to find him, a time and place fraught with danger and death. However, they decide, in order to save their lives, they must jump into another hot zone and put a stop to this twin and his evil doings. Then, Saxon, teeth clinched, hands balled into fists says, "Now,...let's dog the devil down."

Young Adult
July 11
D. Blakesley Falt
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